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Frequently Asked Questions
We answered the most popular questions about RentOfficeHub service. If you did not find the answer, we will be happy to answer you by mail or in any messenger convenient for you. Click the green button in the lower right corner of the page.
We provide you with online service for easy and quick search of offices and coworking spaces for rent
What is RentOfficeHub?
It is an online platform that helps you to find suitable Offices and Coworking Spaces for Rent according to your search criteria easily and quickly on one website
Why should I use RentOfficeHub to find Office, Coworking Space for rent?
  • Professional advice
We save your time and life power choosing exactly what you need among lots of available offices
  • Easy Navigation
Clear and convenient filters for finding offices, 24/7 professional advice in all means of communication
  • Free for the tenant
Tenants do not pay agency commission, whether it is for 1 desk or 100+
How does RentOfficeHub differ from other similar marketplaces for finding offices, coworking spaces for rent?
Each client who left a request on our website feels unique and valuable.
RentOfficeHub is a team of super professional, experienced, energetic people who passionately love what we do. We value our reputation very much and work every day so that customers feel cared for and are 100% satisfied with the process and the result.
We are here for you 24/7.
How it works? 
  • You send a 1 click request on our website.
  • Our professional consultant will contact you.
  • We specify for how many people an office is needed, from what date the lease begins, for how long, what is the most comfortable budget for rent per month.
  • To organize viewings, your first name, last name, company name are needed.
  • We provide you with and discuss available office options according to your search criteria.
  • We organize viewings of offices at a convenient day and time for you.
  • At the appointed time, the managers of each location will meet you and conduct a tour for you.
  • You make a decision, make the best choice.
  • You sign a lease, pay rent and start working.
It is safe?
Yes, absolutely. All contact information of our clients is used exclusively within the project to find an office for rent and complies with the privacy policy.
Both RentOfficeHub and our partners - office and coworking providers - are professional local and international companies that highly value their reputation and value every client. Therefore, all personal and business information of our clients is strictly confidential.
How much does it cost to find an office for rent for a Tenant?
RentOfficeHub services are free for tenants.
For what period of time can I rent an office with RentOfficeHub service? 
We help you find an office, coworking space for rent for a period of 1 month or more.
What is the condition of the offices for rent? 
All offices, coworking spaces for rent presented on RentOfficeHub platform are in a turnkey condition. You can take your laptops, personal belongings and get to work immediately after signing the lease and paying rent.
How to contact the RentOfficeHub manager?
 We are in touch by mobile phone, whatsapp, telegram, FB messenger, e-mail.
RentOfficeHub Opening hours?
 We work 24/7. You can contact us on weekdays and weekends.